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  • Điện thoại IP Grandstream

    Điện thoại IP Grandstream GXP1620

    Giá bán: 926,000 vnđ

      Mã sản phẩm: GXP1620 | Cập nhật 09:09 24/01/2019

        - Màn hình 132 x 48 pixel LCD

        - 2 SIP account; 2 cuộc gọi đồng thời; hội nghị 3 chiều; 2 RJ45 (LAN+PC); hỗ trợ loa ngoài; chất lượng âm thanh HD.


    A reliable IP phone for small business users, the GXP1620/1625 delivers a suite of powerful VoIP features in an easy-to-use fashion with a modern design. The GXP1620/1625 offers support for up to 2 lines and features full HD audio on both the speaker and handset to allow users to communicate with the utmost clarity.  The GXP1625 features built-in Poe while the GXP1620 does not. Additional features include 3-way conferencing to maximize productivity, 3 XML programmable soft keys for customization and EHS support for Plantronics headsets. These features allow the GXP1620/1625 to be a high-quality and easy-to-use small business IP phone

    As all Grandstream IP phones do, the GXP1620/1625 features state-of-the-art security encryption technology (SRTP and TLS). The GXP1620/1625 supports a variety of automated provisioning options, including zero-configuration with Grandstream’s UCM series IP PBXs, encrypted XML files and TR-069, to make mass deployment extremely easy. 


    • 2 SIP accounts, 2 line keys, 3-way conferencing, 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys
    • Dual-switched 10/100 mbps ports, integrated PoE on GXP1625
    • HD audio on speakerphone and handset
    • EHS support for Plantronics headsets
    • Up to 500 contacts, call history up to 200 records

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