Bộ Nguồn Supermicro 920W 1U Redundant Power Supply (PWS-920P-SQ) Mã sản phẩm: PWS-920P-SQ

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    Bộ Nguồn Supermicro 920W 1U Redundant Power Supply (PWS-920P-SQ)

Brand Supermicro
Total Power Output 920W
Type Module
Type of Power Supply Power Supply
Form Factor 1U
Dimension (W x H x L) 76 x 40 x 336 mm
+5V N/A
+12V 75A
+3.3V N/A
5V Standby 4A
Input Voltage Range 100-240V
Input Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Input Current Range 11-4.4A
Output Type Gold Finger (19 Pair Connector)
8Pin / 4Pin (12V) Connector N/A
Voltage / Current Yes
Energy Efficiency 91% Peak
80 Plus Certification 80 Plus Platinum
Validated Systems SSG-2027B-DE2R24L, SSG-2027R-AR24, SSG-2027R-AR24NV, SSG-2027R-E1CR24L, SSG-2027R-E1CR24N, SSG-2027R-E1R24N, SSG-2028R-ACR24H, SSG-2028R-ACR24L, SSG-2028R-E1CR24H, SSG-2028R-E1CR24L, SSG-2028R-E1CR24N, SSG-5028R-E1CR12L, SSG-6027R-E1CR12L, SSG-6027R-E1CR12N, SSG-6028R-E1CR12H, SSG-6028R-E1CR12L, SSG-6028R-E1CR12N, SSG-6028R-E1CR12T, SSG-6038R-E1CR16H, SSG-6038R-E1CR16L, SSG-6038R-E1CR16N, SSG-6047R-E1R24L, SSG-6048R-E1CR24H, SSG-6048R-E1CR24L, SSG-6048R-E1CR24N, SYS-2027R-N3RF4+, SYS-2027R-N3RFT+, SYS-6027R-CDNRT+, SYS-6027R-N3RFT+, SYS-6028R-TDWNR
Validated Chassis CSE-216BA-R920LPB, CSE-216BA-R920UB, CSE-216BA-R920WB, CSE-216BAC-R920LPB, CSE-216BE1C-R920LPB, CSE-216BE1C-R920WB, CSE-216BE2C-R920LPB, CSE-216BE2C-R920WB, CSE-216BE16-R920LPB, CSE-216BE16-R920WB, CSE-216BE26-R920LPB, CSE-216BE26-R920UB, CSE-216BE26-R920WB, CSE-219A-R920WB, CSE-826BA-R920LPB, CSE-826BA-R920UB, CSE-826BA-R920WB, CSE-826BAC4-R920LPB, CSE-826BAC4-R920WB, CSE-826BE1C-R920LPB, CSE-826BE1C-R920WB, CSE-826BE2C-R920LPB, CSE-826BE2C-R920WB, CSE-826BE16-R920UB, CSE-826BE16-R920WB, CSE-826BE26-R920LPB, CSE-826BE26-R920UB, CSE-826BE26-R920WB, CSE-829BTQ-R920WB, CSE-835TQ-R921B, CSE-836BA-R920B, CSE-836BE16-R920B, CSE-836BE26-R920B, CSE-846BA-R920B, CSE-846BE16-R920B, CSE-846BE26-R920B
Warranty 1 year warranty
Product Environmental Compliance RoHS and REACH compliant, details available upon request