Modular Jack-Ổ cắm Dintek CAT.6 Keystone Jack (1305-04017) Mã sản phẩm: 1305-04017

    55,000 vnđ

    (Giá chưa VAT)

    -Modular Jack-Ổ cắm Dintek Cat.6 E-Style Keystone Jack, mặt nhấn cáp góc 90 độ.

    -All-in-one Punch down and wire trim process.

    -Multi use E -Jacks (Keystones), can be used in.

    -E-Tool and also standard punch down tool.

    -E -Tool can be used for either Cat6 Keystone E-Jacks.

    -Jacks can be inserted either side of E-Tool.


    -Plug insertion life: 750 cycle min.

    -Plug retention force: 30 lbs min.


    -Current rating: 1.5 Amps

    -Insulation resistance: 500Mega -ohms min.

    -Contact resistance: 20 milli -ohms max.

    -DC resistance: 0.1 ohms max.

    -Transmission quality verified up to 100MHz.


    -Multi use E -Jack can be used in E -Tool and also punch down tool.

    -110 and krone dual type IDC termination.

    -IDC connector accepts 22 -24 AWG solid wire.

    -Jack wiring: 50 u” gold pla ted over 100u” nickel.

    -Housing: High impact flame retardant plastic.

    UL94V -0 rated.

    -Operating temperatures: - 20 to 60°C.

    Industry Standard

    -UL Listed

    -Meet all requirements specified in connecting hardware requirement of ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 Cat.6

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