Thiết Bị Mạng Switch D-Link 10-Port Fast Ethernet DES-F1010P-E Mã sản phẩm: DES-F1010P

    990,000 vnđ

    (Giá chưa VAT)

    10-Port 10/100 with 8 PoE port Switch D-Link DES-F1010P

    • 8 x 10/100 Mbps PoE ports
    • 2 x 10/100Mbps Uplink ports
    • 96 W PoE budget
    • Support IEEE802.3af/at up to 30W per port to PoE compatible devices
    • Support transmission Data/PoE up to 250m cable length
    • 6KV Lightning protection
    • Smart Features: Extend, VLAN, QoS and PoE
    • Plug & Play Installation

Built for your Need

Robust and cost-effective PoE solution to provide power for your PoE powered devices such as IP cameras, CCTV, VoIP, AP etc.

Up to 250m PoE and Data Transmission

Equipped with PoE extend technology, DES-F1010P-E have the capability to supply 802.3af/at PoE up to 250m with data transmission. Cost saving for long distance solution.

6KV Surge Protection

D-Link 250M is enhanced with 6KV surge protection Effectively guard equipment from lighting damage especially if use on AP/IP camera install outdoor or at higher position.

Enhanced with VLAN Function

With a flick of button, Isolate the downlink port to each other can effectively suppress network storms and improve network performance.

Enhanced with Video QoS

Improve the Video Packet Priority Create high priority for video streaming, perfect solution for IP camera/CCTV.

Intelligent Detection

Automatically Detect unresponsive PoE device and reboot the device for recovery.

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