Ổ Cứng SSD Dell 800GB SAS Mix Use 12Gbps 512e 2.5in Hot-plug Drive 3.5in Hybrid Carrier AG Mã sản phẩm: 400-AZIU

    24,492,000 vnđ

    (Giá chưa VAT)

    - 800GB 12Gb/s 2 ½ inch SFF SAS Mixed-Use (MU)
    - 512e Hot-Plug Dell Solid State Drive (SSD)
    - In Dell X7K8W 3.5-inch Hot-Plug Drive Tray.
    - Utilizes the Dell 2 ½ inch - 3 ½ inch
    - Hybrid adapter module
    - (Y004G/9W8C4) (as pictured)
    - Genuine Dell serial number and firmware
    - Genuine Dell Gen14 Certified Enterprise Class SSD

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is the logical evolution of SCSI including its long-established software advantage and the serial physical connection interface. With enterprise storage requirements escalating and becoming more complex factors such as larger capacity greater density security scalability and accessibility are more critical than ever. Enterprise data centers must be online all the time fulfill requests from numerous users simultaneously allow for constant growth and expansion and be maintained while in operation. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) meets all these demands while providing the highest performance.

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