7-Slot Media Converter Chassis MC-700 Mã sản phẩm: MC-700

    –High quality 10” Rack-mountable chassis installation
    –Enables the converters to use Plug and Play
    –Supports up to seven hot-swappable media converters
    –One fan built-in for hardware cooling
    –Reduces the effort of converter maintenance and management and can diagnose the status of converters at one time

    • Power System
    –100~240V AC power supply
    –Power isolation in each bay
    –Power protection from over voltage, over current and short circuit

    • Compatibility
    –Supports PLANET Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter series: FT-80x / FT-90x and GT-70x / GT-80x / GT-90x
    –Supports VDSL2 Media Converter: VC-201A / VC-231
    –Supports Serial over Ethernet Converter: ICS-10x series

Centralized Media Converter Management
PLANET MC-700 provides advanced Media conversion technology to meet the growing demand for the current network. The media converter chassis allows to install up to seven PLANET FT-8 / FT-9 / GT-7 / GT-8 Fast / Gigabit Ethernet media converters with diverse options of fiber connecting type to fit in different network applications. It is very flexible for FT-8 / FT-9 / GT-7 / GT-8 series being installed in the MC-700 for centralized power feeding and media conversion management.

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